about us


The Karl Popper Critical Dialogue Group was established in 2018 by a group of scholars, at the Department of Philosophy, Lagos State University, who have interests in Karl Popper's Philosophy.

This group welcomes new members who are interested in the Philosophy of Critical Rationalism. The aim is to establish a system of Popper's philosophy of critical rationalism, especially from among early career African philosophers and postgraduate students, who would carry on the Popperian tradition of critical rationalism on the continent of Africa and across the globe.

Our Objective

To advance knowledge and research in karl Popper's Critical Rationalism for the benefit of scholarships in Africa. Critial rationalism emphasizes the need to engage in critical discussion, to be prepared to listen to criticism, to be able to accept and accomodate criticisms, to practice self-criticism, and to engage in mutual critical dialogue with others.

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